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The main product line of Arco Inbar industries LTD. Is cabinets and enclosures for electrical, irrigation, communication, and other special cabinets.

In the area of telecommunications, as in other areas, Arco Inbar designs and produces fully assembled products, with high quality packaging for various companies.

The cabinets serve as external protection for equipments against all environmental hazards. The cabinets have excellent outdoor stability because of a unique material development against sunlight, U.V, rain, corrosive materials, etc.

Protection degree IP 43 up to IP 65.

Over the years, Arco Inbar has established itself in the electrical equipment market. In both the Israeli and export markets the main product has been electricity distribution cabinets. These are available in the wide range of applications to suit customer requirements.

These customers benefit from Arco Inbar’s experience in supplying cabinets which are fitted and packaged with the customer’s equipment, to meet his specific needs.


Arco Inbar Model FGI cabinets are designed for low-voltage junction and distribution applications requiring DIN43629 double insulation performance.

Model FGI cabinets are manufactured from hot compression molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)  SMC material with glass fiber content. provides both mechanical strength and long lasting protection for components in the FGI cabinets.



  • Double insulated per DIN 43629 standards.

  • Superior durability and strength urban installations and robust environmental resistance complying  with VDE 0660 standard.

  • Exceptional resistance to severe temperature extremes.

  • UV resistance for performance longevity.

  • Corrosion resistance.

  • Fire retardant construction meeting VDE 0304 and UL-94-VO requirements.

  • Watertight sealing and impact resistance per IP 659 or, without gasket installation, IP 439.

  • Standard Light Gray RAL 7035 integral color.

  • FGI cabinets are designed with standard ventilation features.


Installation and configuration

  • FGI cabinets can be installed on DIN standard fiberglass bases. concrete secured metal frames, and wall or pole mounted using an optional bottom closure panel.

  • Fixing points for metal or polyester mounting plates, Busbar, frames and other components.

  • Standard and custom fixing point and insert configurations per customer requirements.


Door Windows

Made from transparent Polycarbonate.



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