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Multi purpose, heavy duty Enclosures for industrial and standard distribution and junction applications

Arco Inbar C series enclosure are manufactured to provide exceptional protection for electronic controls in harsh industrial environments. Gasket sealed C enclosures offer heavy duty insulation and component protection in the harshest environments possible.

Manufactured from hot compression molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester with door gaskets and internal hinges fit maximal protection of interior components.


  • Watertight IP 659 protection.

  • Extreme temperature & weather resistance.

  • Heavy duty mechanical strength and insulation.

  • UV resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Self Extinguishing

  • Standard Light Gray RAL 7035 integral color


  • Concrete mounted.

  • Wall mounted or recessed wall installation.

  • Side-by-side installation (right Door/Left Door).



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Single or double latch closure.

Key lock cylinder option.

Half cylinder, or padlock equipped handle option


  • Clear polycarbonate door windows.

  • Left or right door opening options.

  • Polyester & metal back panels and chassis.

  • Wall mounting hardware.

  • optional high security lock cylinder

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