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INBARIT polyester glass-reinforced sheet is produced by combining a polyester resin with a continuous filament glass mat and suitable inorganic fillers.

The laminates are formed by compression molding at elevated temperatures, applying pressures adjusted to create a smooth, dense laminate, resulting in superior electrical and mechanical properties.


INBARIT sheet produced in types conforming to NEMA GPO-1, GPO-2, GPO-3.

INBARIT laminates have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Special types for flame resistance, arc and track resistance. Good retention of properties and dimensional stability at temperatures up to 220º C.


INBARIT can be machined, punched, drilled, milled, sawed, sanded, sheared or routed. Shear and punch up to 4 mm. High machining speeds recommended. Whenever possible, use diamond coated or tungsten carbide tipped tools. Assembly possible by bonding, metal screws and rivet.


1103-3, 1103-2 Fire retardant, arc and track resistant, meets GPO-3 temperature class 155º C. 

1290: Fire retardant, arc and track resistant, meets HM 2472. Temperature class 155ºC.


Sheet size: 2260x1160 mm.

Thickness:  from 0.8 mm to 125 mm



Up to 2.5mm: ±0.20mm

Up to    3mm: ±0.25mm

Up to    4mm: ±0.30mm

Up to    5mm: ±0.35mm

Up to    6mm: ±0.40mm

Up to    8mm: ±0.45mm

Up to  10mm: ±0.50mm

Up to  12mm: ±0.55mm



Up to  40mm: ±1.10mm

Up to  45mm: ±1.15mm

Up to  60mm: ±1.40mm

Up to  70mm: ±1.60mm

Up to  80mm: ±1.80mm

Up to  90mm: ±1.90mm




Up to  14mm: ±0.60mm

Up to  16mm: ±0.65mm

Up to  18mm: ±0.70mm

Up to  20mm: ±0.75mm

Up to  25mm: ±0.85mm

Up to  30mm: ±0.95mm

Up to  35mm: ±1.00mm



At least 90% of the sheet area will be within the given tolerance.

Cut-to-size panels and special colors on request.


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