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Arco Inbar trays are designed and produced to ensure many years of use, always looking “like new” even in tough conditions.

The trays are extra strong, made of polyester reinforced with fiber glass to ensure they will not break, crack or warp even after many years of use.

“Like new” is not just a slogan—it is a fact based on many years of experience during which Arco Inbar trays have proved their durability in difficult conditions:

  • Repeated washing in regular/industrial dishwashers (several times a day) over a period of years;

  • Resistance to scratches, cigarette burns, dropping, banging etc.;

  • Arco Inbar Tray retain their shape even in temperatures of up to 140ºC.

  • Fade resistance colors;

  • Arco Inbar Trays do not absorb smells, and grease stains wash off easily.

Arco Inbar  Trays are made of colors and sizes, to suit a wide range of requirements, at the same  time, our marketing and development departments are at the customer’s service to design trays of a size, color and shape different from the existing models (for large orders).

Imprinting (logo)

The tray can be imprinted with a logo, shape, pattern or in special cases, even a picture. During the production process making the decoration an integral part of the tray, that will not fade or wear away.

With certain production processes it is only possible to imprint the back of a tray.

The tray you like in a suitable shape and the color you want.



Much thought has been invested in designing and Developing trays that will combine maximum convenience, spacious seating and low cost to the user. The trapezoid-shaped tray, for example, helps the designer and dining room supervisor to save a considerable amount of space along with efficient and esthetic setting of the table. The trays can carry all the tableware needed for a meal.


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